Welcome to Searchers - the best of British

Searchers is for searchers.

Searchers is a search engine designed, developed and hosted in the UK and using it has clear benefits to British internet users (searchers), business and advertisers.

• state-of-the-art technology

• UK indexed pages

• a clear British focus

• relevant, fast and accurate search results

• cost-effective advertising

• benefits to the UK economy

• user-influenced development

Why does the UK need its own search engine?

US-domination of the internet means Brits have become used to having to trawl through search results with a North American focus.

In addition, the bulk of internet advertising revenue from British business is paid to foreign search firms, while our companies struggle to make themselves seen to domestic consumers.

Searchers thinks it makes perfect sense for Brits to turn to something more local, more relevant something that has a UK focus.

We guarantee the more relevant a website is to the UK, the higher up the page rankings it will appear. We'll give you the best of British every time - the best searches of everything Britain has to offer the world wide web.

Why does the world need a new approach to search?

Iterative changes to an industry can only contribute to its health for as long as they maintain innovation and ensure the best services are being offered to customers.

By rethinking the way results are delivered and including many elements that current market leaders are unable to incorporate, searchers should find Searchers does away with most directory and review sites that currently clog-up up the first page of most of the major search engines.

Why is Searchers so good?

Searchers has picked up where others left off, and we've brought the next generation of search to the UK.

Our technology indexes more UK web pages than anyone else, and only lists those read of prominence to the UK.

Pages are found and classified using our unique natural-language processing system – we don't just rely on word-matching techniques, we have incorporated new elements.

So, Searchers analyses what each page actually means in relation to the whole website, rather than ranking keywords by frequency and position.

The use of credibility scores aims towards a True or Pure search result. A website's credibility score will be a reflection of its verified status in the real world of business and how happy its customers are.

Because, as internet searchers, you've told us you want to know about reputation, that you don't want results compiled using paid-for top rankings or determined by the businesses that can invest the most in the latest techniques to trick search engines into placing their websites high in the results.

In essence, we've created a next generation search engine, which delivers what internet users want and offers British businesses a competitive positioning in their own marketplace. We can assure this, because our True Search is based on an experience of the language and market that North American search engines can't buy their way into.

The future of Searchers - how you can shape the future

And Searchers won't stop here. We have plans, big plans, and you can be a part of this.

In fact, we can't do it without you. The businesses and individuals who trialled our services have helped shape what it is now; what Searchers becomes next is as much up to you, as it's up to us.

Once you've signed up for a Searchers account, you can use it to give the team feedback.

Your emails will be read by the same people responsible for R&D, we promise they won't be lost in a customer service inbox and forgotten, we'll consider every serious idea and comment - and maybe even some of the not so serious ones.

So, if you're as genuine as we are about search in the UK, sign up. Our philosophy is simple: do it, and do it better than anybody else. If you like the sound of this, welcome aboard!

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